Liam pushing Zayn and then Zayn getting him back


Anonymous asked:
"Liam trips over and hurts his leg and it bleeds. Zayn puts a bandage on it and they kiss.*suuupper fluf :D*"

Aw cute!:) I tried my best, hope you like it anon.xx

Liam yelped as his body collided with the floor, a small pain searing up his leg. He and the boys had just been playing footy in the garden, and he’d managed to trip over a water gun Louis and Niall had left lying about on the grass earlier. He’d have to have a word with them about leaving things around later.. 

"Liam!" Said boy looked up to see his boyfriend Zayn and his other band mates jogging over to him, concern adoring his flawless face. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," he said as the four boys crowded around him.  "I’m fi-ow!" The sandy haired boy yelped in pain as he went to stand, quickly falling back to sit when a sharp pain shot through his leg.

"You don’t look alright mate," Louis said as Zayn knelt down beside the injured boy.

The Bradford boy pulled up the dark denim of his boyfriend’s jeans, cringing when he saw the nasty cut running along the younger boy’s calf, blood slowly seeping out of it.

"It’s not too bad," he said, giving the younger boy a smile. "Let’s get you inside."

Liam nodded and went to stand again, frowning when he was pushed back down. He looked up confused, but before he could even speak, he was being hoisted up off the ground and into his boyfriend’s arms.

He let out a surprised squeak and quickly wrapped his arms around the Bradford boy’s neck out of fear of falling. He heard sniggering from behind him and craned his neck to glare at his three band mates who were all smirking at the position he was in.

Liam let Zayn carry him inside, ignoring the name calling and ‘awws’ Louis, Harry and Niall were sending his way. They entered the kitchen, and Zayn set him down on one of the counters before moving around the kitchen searching for the first aid kit. 

Once he found it he grabbed a cloth and moved stand between Liam’s dangling legs. He dabbed gently at the cut with the cloth, wiping away the drying blood and muttering a ‘sorry’ when Liam winced in pain. 

Once it was clean he threw the cloth away and grabbed a bandage out of the first aid kit, wrapping it carefully around his boyfriends injured leg and securing it with a piece of medical tape. Once he was done he gently pulled down the trouser leg before looking up at his boyfriend. 


Liam nodded with a grateful smile before leaning forward to wrap his arms around Zayn’s neck. “Thank you, your the best.”

Zayn smiled moving his hands to rest on the younger boys hips. “I know,” he said with a smirk as Liam rolled his eyes. “Now how about we go sit on the couch and watch all three Toy Story’s?”

Liam’s eyes lit up with excitement as he nodded enthusiastically, making Zayn chuckle.

The older boy lifted Liam off the counter and carried him through into the living room, setting him carefully on the couch. He slotted the DVD in the player and grabbed a blanket before dropping down next to his boyfriend, covering them both with it. 

Liam smiled as Zayn wrapped his arms around him before hitting the play button on the remote, his favourite movie playing on the screen. He absolutely loved his boyfriend.

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"A Narry <3 One of them starts flirting with someone else and the other gets insanely jealous. But they make up in the end ;) xx"

Sorry if this is bad, I’ve never written a Narry before and it feels so strange:’) hope it’s okay!xx

Niall sat on the leather couch of his apartment, glaring as he watch the scene in front of him. 

Harry, his boyfriend, was shamelessly flirting with Louis, clear as day, right in front of him. He couldn’t believe Harry would do that to him. He probably didn’t even know he was doing it though, this was Harry Styles he was talking about, the renowned flirt of the group. He could say a basic ‘hello’ and it would come across as flirting. But that still didn’t take away any of the Irish boy’s jealousy. 

"What’s with the face?" A familiar voice said above him, bringing him out of his thoughts. It was only then he realised he was still glaring and a pout had formed on his lips.

He looked up to see his curly haired boyfriend looking down at him, his head titled to the side cutely as he waited for an answer.

Niall just crossed his arms averting his gaze to the TV which wasn’t even switched on. “Nothing.”

He heard a sigh before the couch dipped slightly, signalling someone had sat beside him. “Come on babe, tell me.”

"No." He could be stubborn if he wanted.

"Come onnnn," Harry egged on, moving a hand to poke at the Irish boy’s ticklish spot on his side. "Tell me."

Niall couldn’t hold back his laughter as his sides continued to be tickled. He tried to get up and run from his boyfriend but Harry had his arms around him, trapping him.

"Oka-ay, okay!" Niall said, breathing deeply when he could finally breathe again. 

Harry stopped and smiled as he waited for his boyfriend to speak.

"It’s" the Irish boy’s cheeks burned as tried to tell Harry. "You and Louis were getting really close…and I just.. I dont.." he trailed off, feeling his cheeks on fire.

"Aw, is someone jealous?" Harry teased with a smirk.

"Shutup" Niall mumbled, curling up on the couch and facing away from the curly haired boy.

"Niall..Niall?" Harry waited but the Irish boy refused to look at him, so he reached over and grabbed his chin turning him to face him again. "You don’t have to be jealous, seriously, I dont think you understand how much I love you." Niall smiled at that. "And Louis’ just Louis. He flirts with anyone, it’s a wonder he’s not gay.."

The blonde haired boy chuckled, his cheeks still a light pink and he looked up to his boyfriend embarrassed. “I’m sorry.”

"You don’t have to be sorry babe, I know I’m irresistible." He winked.

Niall rolled his eyes. “You’re unbelievable.”

Harry just shrugged wrapping an arm around his boyfriend, pulling him close and pressing a kiss to the side of his head. “So you’re not jealous anymore?”

Niall shook his head, leaning more into the curly haired boy and smiling.

"Good." Harry said before placing a chaste kiss to the older boy’s lips. "I love you."

"I love you too."

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